About Us

KHP connect is a media/news website. We are doing everything possible to provide straight forward and transparent service to our members. KHP connect is empowering and paying members with the money generated from ads revenue and products and services ads for reading our breaking news, by inviting their friends, by answering questions across our websites, by helping us build traffic to our websites and increasing ads revenue, by helping us increase exposure to our sponsors’ products, increasing sponsor relation across our websites while we empower members who are looking for money to start small business or money to expand your existing business, pay school fees, house rent, hospital bills and feeding etc. We are also using this platform to empower users who would be interested (“in” or “is”) looking for money to start these businesses: Fish farming, Snail rearing, piggery, chicken growing, crops farming, tailoring, or any other business which N100,000 can start.