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How to Cook Egusi melon Soup

  1. How to Cook Egusi (melon) Soup

    1. Egosi Soup: There are many ways to cook egusi soul (Melon Soup). Some people fry their melon when cooking and some cook like that. How to cook egusi such: First, You set out everything you need to cook your egosi soup such as Melon (egusi) Pepper (oso) Crayfish (Ayiya) Ugu (Green Leaf) or Bitter leaf (Onugbu), Onions, palm oil, water, Dry Fish, Fresh fish or Smoked fish, beef meat if you want and spices with any spicy cube you want. There are many in the market you can ask Google, salt you can add any other thing you want. Some people add chili and some people add fresh tomatoes. Grind the quantity of melon (Egosi) you want to use, Grind the quantity of pepper you want to use, grind the quantity of crayfish you want to use, Slice the vegetable leaf (ugu) you want to use. How to cook, Wash your pot clean and put on fire, Add the quantity of water you want, allow it to boil and then, add palm oil and allow it to boil. Before starting to cook your egosi soul, make sure you have already Washed your meat or fish weather dry fish or any time of fish you want to use thoroughly and cook it first to avoid being hard and make sure you cook your mean with salt and onions to add taste to it and you can add pepper when boiling your meat. Once your water has boiled very well, add the meat and allow it to boil for at least two minutes then, add the egusi (melon) and stare (Turn) it properly and allow it to boil for at least two to three minutes, some people may like to fry their melon first before adding anything. This method is usually advised for people who have too much fat, After adding egusi, you add your onions, I like my onion fresh, after that, add pepper and your other spices and wait for another five minutes after that, you add your crayfish and leave it for another three minutes then, you add the ugu (Green Leaf) and bring it down immediately. You should not allow the green leaf to other boil on fire so that it will remain fresh. I understand that there are making more ways which you can cook egusi soup. 


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