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Insecticides are used for killing insects like mosquitoes, cockroaches, ants, etc. Insecticides are specially made for killing mosquitoes, we all know how dangerous mosquitoes are even as small as it is, it kills huge population in Nigeria every year.

Because of these issues, the demand for this product is very high and the opportunities to make good amount of money from the business are there. What you need most to succeed is marketing and branding.


You can learn how to produce this product for personal use or commercial use. All the details you need to start insecticide business is listed below.


Strategies for good products

  1. The price of the product
  2. The quality of the product
  3. Marketing the product
  4. Branding of the product

The price of the product; Set a reasonable price and make sure all your production costs are factored in so that you can make profit.

The quality of the product: Everyone wants something that will be useful to them so, produce a good quality product.

Marketing the product: Good marketing ensures that your product enters the market and reaches the right people through which you can make profit after sales.

Branding of the product: Branding is good and very important to and for any new products. It is your own identification and if you produce good product, people will focus on buying your product by looking out for your brand.


    S/N      INGREDIENTS                          QUANTITY                                   FUNCTION

  1. Kerosene/Naphtha 10 liters                                      Base
  2. DDVP 1 liter                                          Active ingredient
  3. Industrial Camphor ½  KG                                           Booster
  4. Calypso oil (Optional) ¼ KG                                                  Microbial Agent
  5. Formalin 1 liter                                                Preservative
  6. Perfume ¼ Kg                                                  Scent
  7. Color (Optional) Attractiveness


NOTE: You can mix what and kerosene or petrol to form the base of the insecticides but, to do that, you require an emulsifier to enable water and oil to mix together. Sale to owners of cosmetic shop.


  1. Dissolve the camphor with a liter of kerosene or petrol
  2. Mix the DDVP with the remaining kerosene or petrol
  3. Blend the dissolved camphor
  4. Add perfume
  5. Add color
  6. Stir very well and add formalin
  7. Package and label
  8. Start selling

Note: Dissolve the camphor overnight or for two to three hours.

There is more to what you can achieve if you focused on doing this because provided you will learn how to do very well and also be ready to give it time to grow. Every business needs time to grow and you need to be patient and be in love with the business. Remember, branding and marketing is very important because, it is your best way to start making money out of the business in the future.




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